Dr. Kurt Wilson is a featured national speaker, advocate, and government consultant with a history of solving ‘unsolvable’ problems.  He is a strategic and turnaround expert with particular expertise in municipal finance (previously managed the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history) and policing relationships (academic research and publication leveraging his dual perspective as Black man and a provider/overseer/regulator/disciplinarian in the law enforcement community).

As a results-driven executive and innovative problem solver, he combines innovation with extensive leadership experience as CEO/CAO. He has led large workforces, implementing policies and creative solutions, providing strategic and fiscal planning, regulatory oversight, and negotiation services for complex labor and property agreements.

Kurt has managed high-profile crises requiring revenue enhancements, cost reductions, union negotiations, public engagement, and media relations. His multicultural perspective is informed by international assignments in Haiti, Jerusalem, Australia, Africa, and Europe.